Taking Steps To Reduce

Our Carbon Footprint

We use only biodegradable garbage bags
We recycle as much as we can
We resharpen our saw blades
We use fuel efficient vehicles

Becoming better stewards.

 At Kilt Carpentry we recognize where and what we can do to be better stewards of our beautiful planet. Below are just a few of the actions we take in our everyday operations to ensure your children, and their children, can continue to enjoy our lovely blue marble, Earth. 

Our planet's environmental change is of great concern to us as a company. Beginning as hardwood flooring installers in St. Catharines Ontario, we couldn't help but notice the waste that was being created from home renovations and contractors. We believe all companies should be making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. It can be as easy as reusing tooling instead of throwing it away but then, when it must be discarded, recycling it. All the things we were taught as kids are the actions we should take; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Now we need to also examine where our products originate to ensure they are coming from a source that is as sustainable as possible.