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Welcome! This is our first Blog!

We will be introducing ourselves here and that means we'll be telling you a bit about ourselves and what are goals for this blog are.

some guy scrolling though social media I bet
this is not me blogging.


So here we are, writing a blog on a company website, on company time. Not to outline my age here but I do recall a time when blogging was considered a waste of time. Basically a blog was a diary that was published online for the world to see with no apparent goal. Well, that train has sailed (did I get that right?)

I have discovered recently, and I am aware that I am quite late to the party, that blogging is a great way to keep your website relevant in Google's index. I won't be going into detail about how or why because well, I am not that savvy on search but I do understand that Google looks for updates to websites and ranks them higher because of updates. Essentially Google lets the dead rest.


In our blog, which I will try to update weekly (realistically every few weeks) we will discuss many aspects of your home renovation project. We have a few ideas about what to discuss such as;

  • What's the difference between solid hardwood floor and engineered hardwood floor?

  • Is there a specific type of floor I should buy?

  • Should I use MDF for baseboards and mouldings or should i use pine or poplar?

  • What should I use to clean my floors?

  • My contractor said I don't need to level my sub-floor.

  • I was told I don't need an underlay.

We can think of many, many more topics to cover and I know you could scour the web to find information about each question but, since we have a pretty solid foundation, we believe its only fair to our readers that we do that little bit of footwork. Present the information here as opposed to our readers having to spend the hours searching and assembling the information for themselves.


We would like to, when we can, present some pictures and short videos with this blog. I know for myself that watching a video with an informative script is often times more impactful on my hippos camping than simply reading some boring text. When we do a video it will likely be posted here with the script being transcribed and posted as the blog text. This way we wont be double posting so to speak.


It may happen from time to time that we get a random rant on here. This isn't the primary intention of this blog however, there are at times, information that must be clarified and often times that information or attitude has been an issue or of debate and therefore induces minor amounts of stress when discussed.

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